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RunBalmoral 2015 Young People’s Sports Bursary - 11 November 2014

RunBalmoral has launched an exciting new initiative which aims to support opportunities for young people to adopt healthy lifestyles and to participate in sport.

Schools, clubs and other organisations within the Aberdeen and Aberdeenshire local authority areas seeking funding for projects which encourage youngsters to take part in running or other active sporting activities are eligible to apply.

The Bursary fund is for £2,000 and bids for up to this amount may be submitted, although smaller bids will also be welcomed. It is possible that a single awarmay be made for a major project or a number of smaller ones may be preferred.

Funding can be made to support the cost of transport to sports events or facilities; for hiring of specialist coaches/equipment; or for the purchase of kit/equipment; etc. Any innovative ideas will be considered. Bids could be for the total amount needed for a project to proceed or to support funding being provided from other sources.  Successful bidders must demonstrate that the funding can be used within 12 months of being awarded.

RunBalmoral Chairman James Knowles said: "I am delighted that we are in a position to launch this exciting new initiative. RunBalmoral is a community event which has always attempted to promote sport in a positive way by offering races for all age groups from primary school age up to veterans in their 60's and 70's.

The bursary award scheme is a new idea which we are trying this year and I hope it proves to be beneficial, even in a small way, in helping more youngsters to become  involved in sport, or to open up opportunities for young people which might not otherwise have been possible."

Bids should be submitted on one side of A4 and sent by email to info@runbalmoral.com

The bids should clearly state:

  • The name of the bidding organisation.
  • The name of a key contact along with phone, email and postal address details.
  • The amount of funding required and for what purpose.
  • How the project will encourage more young people to enjoy healthy lifestyles and/or participate in sport.
  • When the money would be spent.

Bids should be submitted by midnight on 31st January 2015.

The decision on the winning bid or bids will be made by the Board of RunBalmoral and the results announced by mid-February 2015.

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