Balmoral Castle the backdrop to the race

Please make sure your race number is visible - 4 April 2013

It is equally important that you attach your race number in the correct way as well. 

Please make sure that the number is pinned to the FRONT of the outermost item of clothing you wear during the race.

There's no point in pinning it onto your t-shirt then wearing a rain jacket on top of that. The number has to be visible at all times so that you can be identified.

Although all race times are recorded by the chip on your shoe, we also carry out back-up manual recording of a number of finishers.

A video camera also records all runners as they cross the finishing line and this again gives us a back-up to cross check any timing discrepancies, should they occur.

For both of these back-up processes, it is vital that your number can be seen.

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