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Chipping in with some good advice - 19 March 2013

Don't wear it round your neck, tie it round your wrist or stick it in your pocket. 

If you do, you will not get a time and you will not appear in the results.

The chip has to be attached to the front of your shoe.

Please take a little time to watch our video clip which shows you exactly what to do. Go to

Instructions will also be included in the race programme which will be mailed out to you with your race number and timing chip.

The chip will provide you with an accurate time for your run. Two times are given on the day. The first is the 'gun time' which is the time it takes you to complete the course from the time the starting gun is fired until you cross the finishing line.

The second time you will get is your 'chip time.' This is the actual time you have taken to complete the course, measured from the moment you cross the starting line until you cross the finishing line. This means you don't have to worry about how far back you are in the line up when the gun goes off as your time is recorded only once you have actually passed through the starting area.

All prizes are, however, awarded by using the gun times. Prizes have to be awarded on the basis of the actual finishing order of runners on the day. It is possible, for instance, for a runner in third position to have a slightly slower chip time than a runner in fourth position.  However, the runner who is third across the line would be awarded the third place prize, regardless of the chip times.

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