The start of the Stena Drilling Tartan 10k

Stena Drilling - ConocoPhillips Corporate Team Challenge

Stena Drilling


Saturday 22nd April 2017 – Corporate ChallengeTrophyConocoPhillips

The StenaDrilling - ConocoPhillips Corporate Team Challenge is an exciting competition embodied within RunBalmoral 2017. It provides a wonderful opportunity for you to get together with your work / colleagues to compete for the magnificent team trophy to be awarded to the RunBalmoral Corporate Team Challenge Champions 2017.

Even if your side doesn’t win the competition you and your team-mates could still come away with a great prize as another special prize will be given out to one team drawn at random from all the entries. So there’s something for everyone to go for.

How does it work?

  • Your team must enter at least four runners in the ConocoPhillips 5k and the Stena Drilling Tartan 10k, i.e, you must have at least four people entered in each race.
  • The same runners can compete in both the 5k and the 10k if they so wish (and if they feel up to it!).
  • The first four runners from each team to finish each race will count towards the Team Challenge.
  • The finishing position of each of the four runners in each race will be added together to give an overall score. The team with the lowest total combined from the two races will win the Trophy.
  • Teams can be all male, all female or a combination of both.
  • When entering, all team members should take care to list themselves under the same team name (see FAQ’S below)

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we have more than four runners in each race?
A: Yes but only the first four runners finishing for your team will count (you might wish to enter more than four runners in case someone gets injured or cannot compete for some reason).

Q: Must all team members be entered under the same team name?
A: Yes. Great care must be taken in entering your team name. Each team member must enter using the exact same team name, written in the same way. For example: Stena Drilling Hotshots; Stena Hotshots; STENA DRILLING HOTSHOTS would be picked up by the computer as three different teams.Make sure you are consistent.

Q: We have only seven runners, can one of us double up and do both races?
A: Yes, anyone can double up, but they must enter both races. So, you may have four runners in the 5K, three different runners in the 10K plus one runner in the 10K who has also done the 5K.